PDM Campus Life

Life at PDM

Rabindernath Tagore, described universities as the nucleus of a living cell, the center of creative life of the national mind. Tagore’s efforts were always towards combining the quest for learning with the voyage of discovery.
At PDM, we follow this philosophy. Thus what we target is not to produce another engineering or management graduate, technocrat or pharmacist but to groom the leaders of the future who will successfully bear the mantle of building the nation.

That is why, ‘Life at PDM is an experience that one can’t afford to forget,’ is how our alumni love to give words to their nostalgia.With a 45 acre sprawling green clubbed with the state of the art technology, PDM is the second home for its residents.

friendly and welcoming place

We have classrooms with all the modern pedagogical gadgets, well stocked libraries, computer labs with round the clock internet connectivity and superb extra curricular facilities. In true sense, the institute provides a series of unmatched facilities for the budding professionals. In fact, the students directly manage many of the activity areas, giving them an opportunity to build up the leadership skills.

vibrant and dynamic campus culture

At PDM, learning is really integrated with life in right perspective.